The Global Academy Infrastructure
Global Academy is committed to provide the best-in-class facilities, technology and teaching methodology to help students broaden their perspectives and unleash their potential.

The institute boasts of a sprawling 206 acres campus dotted with beautiful landscaping, well-planned roads and futuristic architecture. With over 1000 trees and lush green gardens, the campus epitomizes a calm, peaceful and serene learning environment.

The Instructional Block of the school will be a two-storied building housing various academic departments and modern theme-based classrooms equipped with:

State-of-the-art IT facilities
Infrastructure for E-learning
Educational software (on Tablets) with relevant modules for all the subjects

Other Amenities

Laboratories for Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science
An art and craft gallery
An auditorium with a seating capacity of 650
A sprawling sports complex with facilities for football, hockey, volleyball, basketball and other outdoor games
A Swimming Pool with modern water treatment facilities, spectator galleries and dressing rooms – ideal to impart swimming training to cadets

School Building : The main school building stands as a symbol of hope. This colorful and vibrant facility is designed to allow uninterrupted passage of air and natural light that provides a highly conducive environment for learning.

Computer Lab : Our Computer lab is equipped with the latest desktops, high-speed Internet connections and multimedia software.

global-swimming-pool-240x160[1]Swimming Pool : The institute has state-of-the-art swimming facilities that encourage students to adopt a healthy lifestyle and remain physically fit.

mess-240x144[1]Lunch : Students are served nutritious and hygienic lunch at the institute mess. This allows them eat together and encourages a sense of unity and belongingness.

global-library-2-240x180[1]Library : This is one of the several unique features at Global Academy. This Knowledge Park provides a friendly activity centre equipped with games, interactive SAP tools, CDs, etc. that allows students to satiate their thirst for knowledge and learning beyond the textbooks. We provide a well-equipped Reading Room with a wealth of reference books and subscriptions to leading newspapers, magazines and manuals. The park remains open on all seven days of the week.

Faculty : The institute employs highly qualified, well-trained and experienced teachers who are zealous and devoted toward their responsibility. They encourage the students to learn and explore every concept from a practical perspective.


Other Features

  • 1:15 – child to adult ratio
  • Sports Complex
  • Traffic Park
  • Kid’s Auditorium
  • Doll/ Ball Room
  • Learner’s Room
  • Activity Room
  • Kid’s Gymnasium